понедельник, 20 января 2014 г.

REVOLUTION UKRAINE! throw a Molotov cocktail ! 19/20 2014 Online - Kiev

Ukrainians against Mafia-
people are tired of waiting and began to act !!! Is the right sector is not MAYDAN!!! people are fighting against the dictatorship .opposition can not topple regime!!! 
UKRAINE online Kiev 20-21 -2014 people tired of inaction OPPOSITION..show people how to fight the regime!! Yanukovych he still sits at armieyu protection and police...the president has a plan and the power will not give it to anyone /
UKRAINE online Kiev 20-21 -2014 Yanukovych go - evil !!!! All Ukraine hates you and your friends! War against the gangster regime against the government! against the clans of oligarchs against

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